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The Current State of the Great British Highways
over 1 year ago

In recent years Britain has experienced some very bad winters with extreme snow and ice. The winter of 2010/11 saw our roads being covered in snow for weeks without a thaw and when the snow did eventually melt Britain was subjected to the repercussions. The weight of the snow had left massive cracks and craters or extremely dangerous pot holes all over the country’s roads.

It will take a long time in order for the Highways Department and individual councils to work their way around the country fixing the damage that has been created autel maxisys ms906.

Britain was taken by surprise with the extreme weather conditions and the country did grind to a halt on a few occasions. Councils were not prepared and it was impossible in many areas to make a dent in the snow. One of the problems was the lack of salt needed to prevent the snow from building up and snow ploughs were in short supply. It was a very difficult situation because the snow fell very quickly and without a great deal of warning.

When the snow did eventually melt and clear up leading into spring we were left with the real carnage. Pot holes and rough patchy roads are extremely dangerous to the road users. Cyclists or motorcyclists were in extreme danger, with a few fatal accidents being reported. The biker would be thrown from his bike after driving into the craters and pot holes.

Motor vehicles were being caused hundreds of pounds worth of repairs due to the damaged roads. The main problems were to windscreens and wheels. The cold weather weakened the rubber tyres making them more susceptible to the damaged roads.

Unfortunately, for many road users the problem was driving into the huge pot holes and puncturing tyres autel ds808. It is very inconvenient being stranded at the side of the road when on any journey but especially when on route to work. There was a massive increase in calls to breakdown assistance services and lots of people were facing the cost of replacing tyres.

Windscreens were also suffering due to the rough road surfaces, vehicles were being hit by stones or churned up gravel and tarmac. A small chip or a dent can be easily repaired with gel fillers to prevent it from becoming a bigger crack although often the windscreens were cracking the first time they were hit. There was also a huge surge in glass replacement over the winter months due to heavy ice and snow putting excess pressure on the windscreens.

The extreme conditions of recent winters have served as a valuable lesson to individuals, councils and the Highways Agency, all being better prepared in the event of this happening again.

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