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over 1 year ago

After the tabloids and the news dealt with of the troubles in the designs of automaker Toyota Motor Corp., is saving the apologies and adding new advertisements as they simply rise back into sales Autel MaxiSys MS906BT. It relies on these brand loyalists who can turn skeptical shoppers into potential buyers. But some say it is too soon.

The commercial tries to persuade for loyalty among Toyota customers remain loyal amidst legislative inquiries and reports that the remedies they are doing may not work out. In one of the preview of the television commercial, baby boomer Mark Murphy says, "And our own personal experience? These cars that we've had have been exceptionally safe". He then bought a new Toyota car last February 2 It started last March 2 and is scheduled to run until April 5.

However, marketing experts say that people may need time to take in controversies from big brands like Toyota as it would only confuse them all the more. The move may have a constructive effect by courting loyal consumers but may also antagonize others if the tactic is taken the other way. The public may see it as a mockery of the safety concerns surrounding real issues with Toyota. It should not push too soon. Like Ford Motor Co. in 2000. It was cited that the companies eased off a little bit in order to properly address the 250 deaths cause by the blowouts of Bridgestone tires used on SUVs.

The first Toyota major sales push since their apology showcases a five year zero financing and an auto maintenance plans for new owners challenging luxury brands. Toyota's sales fell 9 percent last month. The new commercial aims to give it a little improvement after the advertisements telling car owners that they were taking care of the problem. The commercials are deliberately centers on keeping a positive outlook regarding the brand according to Deborah Mitchell, a senior executive fellow at the Wisconsin School of Business. She said they work because they market so many loyalists which something rare for other companies to pull off during such a difficult time. But, "If consumers decide Toyota has lied to them, there will be a huge backlash."

Nonetheless, experts say that buyers will not like the idea of images of promotions of the brand. They would rather appreciate serious campaigns that aim to inform them that Toyota is taking care of the problem. Some says that it would be best if Toyota stop advertising temporarily and shift to answering the questions through a medium that offers authority. "When there's a very negative story connected with a brand, it's extremely difficult for any paid advertising to deal with that issue because it's self-serving," said Al Ries, chairman of Ries & Ries, a marketing strategy firm in Atlanta. "It's not helping."

Except Toyota wants to a little improvement in their sales after it dropped. It is the first time that the shoppers fell after the company models were suspended on Jan. 26. Toyota Vice President Bob Carter told reporters that they are looking forward to change their focus to sales now after taking the time off last month. "Frankly as an organization, we turned our sights away from sales and went 100 percent at taking care of our customers. It was the right thing to do and now coming in March, we're back in the sales business," he said.

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