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Tyre Pressure Monitor - essential for safety
about 1 year ago

As a driver, you should make regular checks to your tyres, especially if you do high mileage either through social or domestic trips. Before any long journey you should always check your tyres, not only for wear and tear but also the pressure of your tyres Autel MaxiSys MS906BT.

A simple, quick check of your tyre pressure could help to save you money on fuel, or avoid the risk of a serious accident, but how many people actually do it?

Ideally you should check the pressure of your tyres once a week, especially in parts of the world where the temperature can drastically change from one day to the next. If you tyre pressure is incorrect (check your vehicle handbook for the correct pressures) you will find that you use more fuel than necessary, your braking can be ineffective and your grip to the road could be seriously affected aswell. It抯 easy to see how not checking your tyre pressure can turn your car into a potential danger on the roads ?putting not just yourself at risk but others.

If your tyre pressures are incorrect and inbalanced you may find your car pulling off to one side and this could have an effect on the wear of the tread on your tyres giving you yet again more autel, unnecessary expense.

You might check the pressure of your tyres when visiting a petrol / filling station as they often provide the facility to do this, however, with a tyre pressure monitoring device there is no excuse not to make regular checks. By attaching the device to your tyre valve you can easily find out what the current tyre pressure reading is ?and if it needs either inflation or deflation. You should always check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cold, as warm tyre will give off a false reading.

In summary, if you are serious about the safety and efficieny of your driving, you should consider investing in a tyre pressure monitor. The small discrete devices could save you a fortune and maybe even help save lives!

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