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Used Ferrari - The Colagno For Ferrari Di2
about 1 year ago

Riding a Ferrari around town doesn't just have to involve driving a car on four wheels. The producers of beautiful technology and amazing cars have spread their wings to encompass a number of different areas of industry - meaning that you are now able to buy a Ferrari bike, perfect for those journeys where the Enzo just won't do. You could buy a Ferrari laptop too, of course - but for the purposes of transport a bicycle is really the only alternative that you have.

So, what is the Ferrari bicycle like? Well, at 12,500 Euros it is an expensive piece of kit, and you could actually realistically pick u a used Ferrari car for a lot less. This high price suggests that this bike is about all the things that the automotive side of the business is about - namely making money, being luxurious, and being perceived as a lot more special than all the competitors on the market. That is why they can get away with charging such absurdly high prices - because even if they were the same quality at a bargain basement price they wouldn't be anywhere near as popular or special.

For the money, I have to say that you don't really get anything all that remarkable. You have the obligatory two wheels, an area of the whole bicycle thing that even Ferrari couldn't avoid! To a bicycle novice, the impressively named Colagno for Ferrari Di2 bike simply looks like the same sort of thing anyone could ride to work or to the gym - upright, exposed to the elements, and on wheels.

If you know a whole lot about bicycles, however, then suddenly his sleek matt black racing bike will look a whole lot more impressive than just a crudely put "two wheel vehicle". Instead, you will no doubt look at this pricey piece of kit and recognise the lightweight (it clocks in at a tiny 6kg, barely anything compared to most bikes!) carbon fibre frame, and the advantages this will give you when zipping you way around a track. You will probably also be impressed by the Formula 1 technological innovations, which are used mainly to ensure that the frame has unbeatable strength and durability for any sharp falls that you may be unlucky enough to endure. Even the gears and chain are carefully adapted to keep them tight and accurate Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, so that they are hard to dislodged and thus hard to break.

Finally, the wheels make the last little bit of difference, and the performance when riding will be noticed by even the most novice cyclist. They are Racing Speed XLR wheels, you see, hard to handle if you don't know what you are doing, but indispensable once you know the ropes. Feeling these churning beneath you is to know that not only do you have great speed, but the tread and balance offered by them live up to the miles per hour you can notch up, making you less likely to come off the bike.

All in all, Ferrari have produced one hell of a bike here!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry autel. Here he discusses Used Ferrari cars.
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